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 Luvia and her mother

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PostSubject: Luvia and her mother   Sun Mar 16, 2008 12:15 pm

Okay, as I said, my mother and I do not have a working relationship. So, I will tell you what happened.
One day, I was really angry, or stressed, or someting, so I couldn't control myself, so I turned into...well you know...and I wrecked the house and accidentally killed my father. Once my mother got home, she flipped, and put a spell on me (half wizard half vampre) and incarserated me into a white cat with a red face and tail. I lived as a cat for 14 years, then I met Ross, and he helped me. I hadn't been in a human form for so long, I had trouble, and so I met Cody, who helped me with walking, and talking and stuff. So today, I can talk to cats, and I can kinda turn into a cat, like if I am really consentrated, and have at least 1 cat in the room......
That is my "relationship" with my mother.
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Luvia and her mother
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