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 Annunziata - Character sheet

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PostSubject: Annunziata - Character sheet   Tue Mar 18, 2008 3:22 pm

Name: Annunziata,

Age: I apear to be of the age of 17 although my reality age is aproximatly 2666

Species: Vampire

Gender: Female

Hair: Long ebony locks that flow past my shoulder blades down my back

Eyes: Light blue when I am not hungry other wise they become a wild red colour like fire.

Height and Build: I have a small build, being slender and short - ish

Other Defining Characteristics: I have very definging jaw bones which enhance my facial expressions
I am usually seen wearing very expensive clothing

History: I do not talk about my history to those I have just met, althoguh when people put me in a difficult possitiong or when companions gain my trust then they will find out what is hidden benough my innocent eyes.
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Annunziata - Character sheet
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