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 Vanessa Serrano (not done)

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Vanessa Serrano


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PostSubject: Vanessa Serrano (not done)   Thu Mar 20, 2008 3:16 pm

Name: Vanessa Serrano
Age: Appears 15-17 (real ages unknown)
Height: 4, 7
Weight: 8st 5lbs
Tattoos/birthmarks: A Tattoo of a White butterfly on her chest and upon her forehead is four marks symbolising all four elements, Water, fire, earth and wind.
Gender: Female
Species: Witch (wizard)

Eye colour: One eye is a dark navy blue while the other is much lighter, leaning more towards grey.
Hair: Blonde on nights when the moon is low and when the moon is high her hair changed to silver.
Build: Slim
Defining Characteristics: Very tiny wrists and ankles.
Clothing: Normally seen in short dresses in either royal purple or crimson.

Family: Unknown


Vanessa Mother was a healer of her little village in the centre of the desert, her father died in battle during a war over the sacred land named ‘Pathway to the Gods’, It was a long dirt pathway that led towards a giant pyramid, the walk supposedly would heal you from any illness but if you were pure at heart you would get a bigger reward.
Vanessa was born a twin, her sister named Lunar, both were identical and both got along well. When they both turned thirteen there mother died in a sand storm while collecting water from an Oasis far from the village. Then on they were brought up to take care of themselves and collect resources for the village.

Lunar and Vanessa were now sixteen, there blonde hair was long but dull, and there eyes both dark. Walking towards the Oasis there mother died near they collected two barrels of water; the weight was much too heavy for them to lift all the way. Lunar the normally stronger one of the two, collapsed. The water flying all over her just as the moon went up, high in the sky. Vanessa ran towards her sister helping her to her feet, while carrying the other barrel in her other arm, it was no use, Vanessa threw the barrel aside and focused all her attention on her sister and getting her to the village safely.

Reaching the village, everyone stared at them in anger, some even screaming, there was a sand storm predicted for the next day, preventing anyone from getting any water, meaning the village would be without for a few days, maybe weeks; they blamed it all upon the twins. After the first few days there were riots, and there house was broken into five times, stealing al there money and personal possessions not to mention burning any evidence that their mother even existed. The girls lived in fear, only but each other to keep each other company, till one night when a child had died from dehydration.

Lunar laid her head against the stone wall, hearing the aggressive chants coming from down the street, the village was coming and just but the clatter of metal they had brought weapons. She turned to me, her eyes full of fear. “We are going to die...” She spoke quietly her voice sore from constant whimpers. “We are not! You are a lot stronger than that Lunar don’t give in now” I crawled towards her and embraced her, and deep in my mind I doubted everything. “They are here…” She jumped to her feet and picked her a large metal poker. I looked at her stunned. “You can’t fight back; I mean it’s better if we just run!” I tried to take the weapon off her, but she was having none of it. “I am tired of running! It’s either fight back or die, maybe we might see mother again” I looked at her, I couldn’t say anything before the door was knocked down by a large man carrying a large cleaver. “There they are” He pointed towards us, in the very corner of our small hut. I took a deep breath and slyly grabbed a large plank of wood next to me, and turning into a fighting stance.

In a matter of seconds the whole house was filled with angry villagers, before a loud bellowing voice screamed throughout the house. “Everyone Leave!” and just like that, everyone did, only but us and a tall man covered in Armour with a thick black beard. “Demons! I shall send you back to the underworld!” He raised his blade as well and swiped down at Lunar. My mind raced, pushing her out of the way I tried to avoid the cut by stepping back, but it caught my face, cutting deep cover my eye. Everything went black in that one eye, only half my vision to keep us alive. “Lunar Run!” I screamed, feeling the blood trickle down my cheek and land on my hand. The bearded man grinned and blocked the way to the exit. Lunar looked towards me, her face full of fear. “Vanessa!!!” She screamed, grabbing my hand she threw me against the wall, knocking me unconscious.

I awoke from the sounds of soft whimpers; I opened my eyes and turned towards it, seeing Lunar lying in the ground in a pool of blood, I rushed towards her, “Lunar…?” I spoke quietly unsure if anyone else was still in the house. She didn’t answer but her hand shot up and grabbed my dress, her blood staining it. She whispered my name.
“Vanessa….I can see Mum…” I felt tears roll down my cheeks as her eyes became lifeless and her grip released.

Vanessa stared down at her sister who was now a corpse, nothing more than a sack of flesh and bones. She took her sisters body and dragged up out into the ‘Pathway of the Gods’ holding Lunar close to her, the dirt pathway leading toward the pyramid seemed longer than ever. After what seemed hours of walking and getting no where she collapsed on her knees, her sister held firmly upon her lap and the never ending flow of blood rolling down her face. She looked up at the gold statue. “WE DIDN’T DESERVE THIS! WHAT KIND OF GOD ARE YOU! WHEN YOU ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN! YOU ARE NOTHIING BUT A COLD HEARTLESS PIECE OF STONE! AND NEVER WILL YOU SEE ME WORSHIP YOU ANYMORE!” Vanessa screamed, picking up a rock she threw it at the statues in outrage, but throwing stones would not bring her sister back from the dead, nor will it help her to live a life without fear.

Vanessa began to dig in the sand, creating a big enough hole to fit her sister in cosily. Choking back the tears she shuffled the last of the sand upon her body watching her disappear from the world in just a few hours. “I will see you again…Lunar.” Vanessa spoke walking away from the sacred place. Vanessa walked down the Pathway to the gods, hoping to leave this life but as she tried to step of the last concrete slab, the floor began to rumble, and each step glowed a bright blue, leading towards the giant statue of a large falcon.

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Delicia Odette Tawny


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PostSubject: Re: Vanessa Serrano (not done)   Thu Mar 20, 2008 4:47 pm

Yo Nimmm!!!!

Damn, and I thought my character sheet was long! Smile

Very awesome. After you're witch things gets accepted we SO have to make a topic Smile
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Vanessa Serrano


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Age : 25

PostSubject: Re: Vanessa Serrano (not done)   Sat Mar 22, 2008 2:25 pm

The history is only half way done :] lol xD and Yeh totally!!
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PostSubject: Re: Vanessa Serrano (not done)   

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Vanessa Serrano (not done)
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