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 The secret Life of Luvia

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PostSubject: The secret Life of Luvia   Fri Mar 21, 2008 5:05 pm

Yes, my secret life...

I am really a scientist, yes i am a vampire, but also a scientist. I create horrible evil devilish creatures to destory the world, and i have a torture chamber in my castle where i lure stupid humans, or trolls, or even dragons (even though I am part dragon). I love making new living, deranged monsters out of the dead. Most of the time though my creations hardly take their first step without having a heart attack, or something stupid like that. I hate it when my poor, lovely monsters die. I have managed to make 2 or 3 things that haven't died and are horrible lovely demons. Ok, my favorite are called Dracospheres, which are these huge werewolf things with dragon wings, a troll head, human feet, and bear arms. It sounds very deranged and messy, but it looks absoulutely lovely to me. I haven't let them really roam the streets yet, but soon........oh and they are impossible to kill if you aren't a vampire, wizard, or werewolf of somesort. No human with guns, or cannons could ever kill it. Muaha. Yes I am to be afraid of when I am make sure you are never weak, dying or something cause even if you are my closest friend i may turn you into one of my horribly lovely creations! Twisted Evil
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The secret Life of Luvia
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