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 NOTE: U May Hate Me, But You'll Love This...

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PostSubject: NOTE: U May Hate Me, But You'll Love This...   Sat Mar 29, 2008 6:28 pm

Well, moonphase was based on manga, too, (sorta kinda remotely) but now I am going to delete it, because its dumb and stupid and no one liked it anyway...

So bye bye moonphase, hello Full Moon! (based on Full Moon, the manga, just incase u were wondering:-)


Eh heh heh, terribly sorry about that. But it really does rock, so you should come, and tell your friends, and your classmates, and your neighbors, and GETS YOUR BUTTS OVER THERE AND KICK SOME ASS!!! I even added fighting to it (although there is no fighting in Full Moon manga).

Please? *looks up at you with big anime eyes*

If you do read Full Moon, you can be any character you want from it, except Mitsuki, 'cause that's me...
Come on, don't you wanna be a death god with kitty ears sticking out of your head?

Yes, I ate him... Do you have a problem with that?
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NOTE: U May Hate Me, But You'll Love This...
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